From five-star to budget options.
Hotel typology is experiencing a conceptual shift. Existing customer profiles are less
important and individual experiences are more valuable than luxury.


WHERE TO STAY  //  In a hotel landscape dominated by global chains and faceless budget options, deciding where to stay can be difficult. Within a world where the words “design hotel” has become synonymous with spaces that don’t quite work, are too dark, too loud and not representative of the location. The following options make your choice easier: The traveller is looking for a multi-layered and location-specific experience.

The guest should be able to define himself/herself within the spaces and develop his/her story and not be a part of someone else’s. The word “authentic” is overused, and the essence would be the interaction of guest and hotel to develop his/her own story. Successful hotels achieve democratic spaces where everyone can feel comfortable and be who they are or would like to be for that moment.