"Everyone" feels on stage at the Meininger Hotel Salzburg.

MEININGER HOTEL SALZBURG  //  "Everyone" feels on stage at the Meininger Hotel Salzburg: On entering you feel like you have arrived in a theatre lobby. The materials, velvet, brass and marble set the scene. The theatrical qualities are clear, but on closer inspection the materials are fake and not at all authentic; the ultimate stage set. Marble is laminated, brass is coated plastic, a humorous tongue-in-cheek response to the budget hotel concept and to Salzburg’s conservative seriousness. As focus, a large stage in the lobby encourages visitors to perform;

with readily available instruments on hand and a karaoke machine it ensures that there is never a dull moment. When leaving the public areas, the rooms offer tru Austrian hospitality like a mountain hut - very warm and welcoming just like the city itself.

SPECIAL FEATURE : Being impressed how many people are good performers-