"Amano" means "handmade".

PIZZA AMANO  //  "Amano" means "handmade" and that’s what you get in this family restaurant in the Autostadt, Wolfsburg. It gives children hands-on experience in making their own pizzas and a chance to experience the baking process using of a conveyor oven. The oven is a reference to the nearby Volkswagen production line. A second oven with black and golden mosaic tiles looks like a magic heater coming from a fairytales like Hansel and Gretel. Different seating heights and constellations also invite to choose where to enjoy your homemade pizza. Various seating configurations bring adults and children together at various heights to the amusement of all.

SPECIAL FEATURE:  Children will love the pizza toppings but have to be restrained from putting on too many.
BEST SPOT:  Opposite the oven! There you can warm up, while watching your pizza getting larger and tastier.

Pizza Amano / Interior Design / client: Autostadt / location: Wolfsburg / opening: 2003/2014 / images: Helge Murdt