Revealing spaces previously unseen for more than a century.
New passages, arcades and squares invite the visitor to explore a lively city quarter including restaurants,
apartments, shops, offices, cultural institutions, and a hotel.

STADTHÖFE QUARTIER  //  One of the largest city centre developments in recent years. This area is about proximity and permeability: You will find everything that you need at this central point in the city. New connections are established arcades are created and passages lead to new public spaces never seen before.

Mixed use of apartments a hotel, shops, restaurants and offices are planned. Facade will be renovated rear elevations given balconies and new functions. Private spaces turn into public areas full of life and energy. Passages link the existing buildings and generate new routes. Everybody can participate in exploring an urban structure hidden from view for over 100 years.

Stadthöfe Quartier / Urban Masterplan / client: Quantum / location: Hamburg /  masterplan vision: 2008 / images: bloomimages