A point of departure for cultural exchange.

DESIGNXPORT  //  'designxport', the centre of design, was created as a multifunctional platform and social hub in the true Hamburg tradition of import/export – as a point of departure for cultural exchange. The space breaks with the classic “White Cube” concept, where exhibits are displayed in sterile spaces or behind glass with a sense of exclusivity and privilege. Instead, ‘desigxport’ provides a structured backdrop for the display of current design without having to re-build the space for every exhibition. Multiple ‘elements’ offer boundless options of presentation. For example, the 15-metre long exhibition wall consisting of moveable steel plates allows multiple positions and countless configurations.
The entire space is loaded with imagery and functions associates with music, theatre and event and therefore lives in a constant state of flux never appearing the same.

SPECIAL FEATURE :  The material library on the first floor to check out the latest innovations.

Designxport / Interior Design / client: Designxport / location: Hamburg / completition: 2014 / images: Stephan Lempke