“The Golden Age of Travel”

MEININGER HOTEL FRANKFURT AIRPORT  //  It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can always land at the Meininger Hotel Frankfurt/Main Airport. The elegant atmosphere of a VIP-lounge welcomes you in the lobby: Pure colours and clean lines give the feeling of a safe and convenient arrival. Deep pile carpets and lounge chairs invite you to stay at the reception and bar and have a drink before you go to your room.
The entire hotel is playfully themed “The Golden Age of Travel”, symbolising the glory years of the 1970’s. Imagine a colourful, lavish era in which every comfort and requirement is catered to. Even the rooms look like a comfortable first-class cabin - just like in previous times when flying was a pleasure.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Communal cooking with the stewardesses in the large kitchen.
BEST SPOT: At the bar when a cancelled flight arrives. See the atmosphere change from misery to joy after a few drinks.

Meininger Hotel Frankfurt Airport / Interior Design / client: Meininger Hotels / location: Frankfurt Gateway Gardens/ completion: 2012 / images: Meininger Hotels