Arelaxed, but quirky atmosphere to celebrate Belgian culture.

MEININGER HOTEL BRÜSSEL  //  In a building of the former Bellevue brewery, this Brussels hotel offers you a relaxed, but quirky atmosphere to celebrate Belgian culture: you can take a Blonde, Amber or Biére Brut in the lobby and play a little tabletop soccer or pool. You can also stroll around the hotel and run into Tintin and Snowy, as 20 artists from all over the Continent were involved in the graphics and decoration of the hotel. It reminds you, that you are in the comic book capital of Europe. Situated directly next to the Canal Bruxelles-Charleroi, the hotel is operated on a carbon-neutral basis. The red-brick building of the brewery influenced the interior style: Rough walls and leather couches invite you to take your time or have lunch on beer garden sets and barrels – having a good basis for the next two drinks. It is a collaboration and celebration of Belgium art and Belgium beer, which comes together here in the capital of Europe.

Meininger Hotel Brüssel / Interior Design / client: Meininger Hotels / location: Brüssel / opening: 2013 / images: Meininger Hotels