“for all who wish to be alone, but need company for this”

WELTBÜHNE HAMBURG  //  At the Weltbühne everything comes together: theatre, restaurant and gallery rolled into one. It is a place, where people want to relax after a production or a long day in the office. Looking like a traditional café, you can reminisce about old Viennese or Parisian café culture: Just sitting, talking, enjoying – as long as you want. It is a nostalgic refuge for those, who want to escape from the hectic ‘coffee to go’ culture.
Dark timber, golden columns and brown leather invite you to take your time and maybe strike up a conversation with your neighbour. The patterned floor, evoking classical cafés of the past, displays great patina over years of service. Adorning the walls are constantly changing photo exhibitions of cultural interest: more often than not depicting actors and actresses from the adjacent Thalia Theatre. So, as the café poet Alfred Polar once said, this is a place “for all who wish to be alone, but need company for this” – or even a Weltbühne.

BEST FEATURE: If you wish to invite some friends, don’t take your mobile phone to call them. Go to the golden column behind the round table and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of an original dial-plate telephone. Just like in the movies!
BEST SPOT: There is one round table. This horseshoe booth embraces a large table and a brass pendant light. Making a reservation is difficult, your best chance is to arrive with someone who knows the owner.

Weltbühne Hamburg / Interior Design / client: Tim Seidel / location: Hamburg / opening: 2011 / images: Thomas Schweigert