A vibrant restaurant scene is the sign of a great city and culture.


CAFÉS, RESTAURANTS AND BARS  //  "All dressed up and nowhere to go!"
"Have you got a reservation, Sir?" – Standing at the entrance to a restaurant and hearing these daunting words can be a bit off-putting. Eating out, sitting in cafés and having drinks is currently a lifestyle product and a definition of status. "Places to be" are defined by three main aspects: food, interior and who is there. Interior design must be a backdrop to a restaurant. When it communicates too much, there is the danger that it may become a dominant element in the conversation and disrupt the atmosphere.

A large group of people has different needs than an intimate dinner for two. Lighting, acoustics and materials blend together, forming a place to communicate and enjoy. Dining in company forms an experience, a sensory pleasure at all levels that is more than just eating out. Everyone must have the impression that they are sitting in the best seat, interesting views and activities in the kitchen are all a part of the whole experience.