What’s on this website? A selection of built projects from the office of STEPHEN WILLIAMS ASSOCIATES.
You are invited to browse the themes, get inspired and hopefully go there and have a look for yourself.

TRAVELGUIDE THROUGH SPACE, DESIGN AND DESTINATION  //  Spaces and buildings are better seen in reality than from illustrations. There is no substitute for “being there”! Being there is to acknowledge that you have arrived. Arrival is reaching a destination. In this Travel Guide, the various buildings, spaces or objects shown support the emotion of arriving. It is a sense of being. This is where you should be and nowhere else at that moment in time.

Places that are in no way exclusive but rather accessible to all. An architecture and design that is inclusive - bringing people together at every level of interaction and understanding.
The focus moves from architecture to place, from object to space, from outside to inside, from 3 dimensions to a social dimension, from people to form, from exclusivity to inclusivity. The creation of inclusive places.