The architecture inspires the guest to explore – embark on a journey before the journey.

GASTRONOMY AIRPORT PLAZA  HAMBURG  //  Chicago, Dresden, Osaka, Marseille, Prague – you can find all these locations at the Plaza: a multi-layered restaurant experience that defines the airport as the starting point for trips around the world. The design reflects the transitory existence of the building linking themes such as travel, food and location. Lighting strips recessed in the ceiling resemble an aircraft vapour trail in the sky. Locally inspired materials influence details such as a brick-red floor, and varnished teak wood defines the outlets identity. The well-known European brands occupying the cafés, bars and restaurants serve exciting variations on fish, pasta, pizza and a great homemade burger option. Hunger and thirst are the last things you want to take with you when you fly and here you can satisfy them with a selection of great meals. Nevertheless, the different restaurants maintain their identity – while you find steel, red leather and other branded elements at the diner, you have

elegant wood and light furniture at the more traditional bistros. The architecture inspires the guest to explore – embark on a journey before the journey.

SPECIAL FEATURE  :  Look at the ceiling and follow the light trails to the partner cities and discover, sometimes to your surprise, who they are; maybe an inspiration to go there and have a look for yourself.
RECOMMENDED  :  Get there early to avoid having to eat on the aeroplane.
BEST SPOT  :  The sculptural seating area central to the space displays abstract motifs of the cities finest attributes, have a look and find out what they are.

Gastronomy Airport Plaza Hamburg / Interior Design / client: FHG / location: Hamburg / opening: 2008 / images: Ralf Buscher