Bugatti at Volkswagen’s Autostadt Wolfsburg

BUGATTI  //  The “Premium Clubhouse” is a symbiosis of art, design and architecture, which are inextricably interwoven. In Volkswagen’s Autostadt Wolfsburg, the premium brand Bugatti is displayed in its own building. The installation concept is translated into a sophisticated spatial composition using the highest quality materials and precise details. A feeling of speed and dynamism overcomes the visitor when moving through the space even though the automobile is stationary. Architecture and art provide the perfect setting, which allows the visitor to experience a dream landscape with this object of desire.

SPECIAL FEATURE:  The Clubhouse has its own lounge beautifully designed to include a leather floor and a spectacular view of the installation.

Bugatti / Interior Design /  client: Autostadt / location: Wolfsburg / completion: 2008 / cooperation: Anselm Reyle, Olaf Nicolai, Peter Zimmermann / images: Autostadt