The combination of  cosy and hip has been well achieved.

25HOURS HOTEL HAFENCITY  //  '24 hours in not enough' runs the claim of 25 Hours hotels. This hotel in the HafenCity is no exception. Would you like to feel at home, but experience the spirit of adventure?
The combination of cosy and hip has been well achieved. The rooms, known as cabins take you on a journey as if beeing on a ship.
The ground floor living room, reminiscent of a modern storage warehouse, welcomes you to this maritime experience: In this hotel, you can definetly stay longer then 25hours. Let yourself dream in the imaginary of seafarer. Play classic records in the Vinyl Room and get inspired.
Based on maritime stories, the design is kept industrial but elegant: warehouse shelves, rough wooden boxes, stacks of oriental carpets and fishing nets and ropes make the visitor a part of the seaman's life. Illustrations interpreted from sailors' stories and 'travel trunks' provide all that you will require to turn your room into a cosy cabin.

SPECIAL FEATURE :  'Travel Trunk' in every room includes all you need: mini bar, magazines, electric sockets and writing table and interesting objects as left behind by a previous traveller.

BEST SPOT : Rooftop sauna in rusty sea container open to the elements combining wellness and toughness for the urban nomad.

25hours Hotel HafenCity / Interior Design / client: 25hours-Hotels / location: Hamburg / opening: 2011 / collaboration: Eventlabs, Conni Kotte, Markus Stoll / images: Stephan Lemke